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Astrology Services :: Vedic Astrology Consultation
  Marriage Compatibility
Find out your most suitable life partner ,Take Help from vedic astologer of astrovalley.
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  Career And Profession
Choose your career or profession with the guidance of vedic astrology.
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  Raja Yoga
The famous Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Jamini, Garga and Bhrigu who wrote the Shastras of Jyotishya, have given many planetary combinations for Rajayogas in a horoscope.
These Rajayogas are the ones which give power, position and wealth.Astrovalley astrologers will tell you the yogas present in your chart and the time they are likely come into effect, along with enhancement guidelines and remedies if needed.
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  Saturn Sadhe Saati
Saturn is one of the most important and influential planets in a horoscope. If well placed it takes a person to dizzy heights, and If it is not, then there are innumerable hardships one has to face. Saturn’s Saadhe Saati is one of most discussed and argued astrological concept. It touches all the areas of your life significantly.

This report will give you the following:

* Meaning of Saadhe Saati
* When you will have Saadhe Saati?
* What are possible effects?
* Any important observation on the chart
* Remedial measures if needed or if possible
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  Horoscopes on Email
Many of astrology seekers are based abroad. There are many in India who wants their horoscopes in Word format that can be preserved on email. The horoscope (about 35-40 pages) will be delivered to your email address in form of a word document.Please note that the interpretations, predictions and recommendations  are done BY one of the most accurate and advanced softwares in computerized astrology and not by an individual astrologer.

Details of your Horoscope
Janam Kundli (Natal birth chart)                                       Panchang, Planet Degrees
Dasha Automated Predictions
Mangalik analysis Chandra, Navamsha and Bhava
Chalit Chart, Niryana Bhava Chalit Table Vimshottari Sub and Sub sub periods

Chandra, Navamsha and Bhava
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  Mangal dosha
Astrologically Mars is seen as a harsh planet. Mars happens to be natural significatior of Stamina, courage, anger, desire, opponents, immovable properties, friends, enmity, energy, violence, cruelty to name a few. In terms of Marriage it acquires supreme importance as here it signifies Passion, the Husband, the Marital Knot, sex, etc. Further, the role of Mars in begetting progeny cannot be underestimated.
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  Annual Report
Analysis of what the planets have in store for you this year. It helps to maximize the strengths and cope with the difficult periods. Adds to the other consultations as it focuses primary on the year in question. It is best to get an in depth Analysis and follow that with the annual consultation.
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  Lal Kitab Horoscope on Email
Lal Kitab is one of the most intriguing and interesting subject of Astrology. Its interpretations are definitive. The Lal Kitab Horoscope (about 15-20 pages) will be delivered to your email address in form of a word document. Please note that the interpretations, predictions and recommendations and are done one of the most accurate and advanced softwares in computerized astrology and not by an individual astrologer.

Details of your Lal Kitab Horoscope
Houses position in Chart. Natal Horoscope
Lal Kitab Horoscope. Grah Rasi Phal
Lal Kitab Dasha. Desciption about Blind planets and Debts.
Interpretation (automated) Annual Chart for running year.
  Planetary Predictions with Remedies
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  Life time Analysis
This is analysis on all the trends and major points in life. It shows the good periods, negative periods of life. It also deals with every aspect of life ,relationships, career, finances, children, home etc.
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  New Born
Vedic astrology does not encourage predicting about future of a child less than five years. So this report will only give the Astrological details like nakshatra of birth, the alphabet for the name, the sign, whether the child is born into Moola Nakshatra? Whether the child is Mangalik and so on.However the astrologers’ willl definitely suggest any remedies that they think are needed for significant betterment of life i.e. education health.
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